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    100 Things About Me

1. I am married
2. I have one adopted son
3. I run my own business
4. I am English
5. I live in Canada
6. I have lived in Sweden
7. I can speak Swedish
8. I hate plastic canvas
9. I can crochet
10. I can knit
11. I am really allergic to mosquito bites
12. I love East Indian food
13. I love English Fish & Chips
14. I am addicted to Marmite
15. I hate wearing dresses or skirts
16. I have 2 dogs
17. I love cats
18. I loved to watch Absolutely Fabulous
19. I love Motown music
20. I like the Dixi Chicks
21. I am against war
22. I am very opinionated
23. I hated school
24. I used to smoke
25. I am not religious
26. I like motor sports
27. I used to own a Mini
28. I can't stand people wasting my time
29. I think George W Bush is crazy!
30. I hate hockey
31. I like soccer
32. I like to play tennis but I am no good at it
33. I drink too much coffee
34. I would like to be taller
35. I would like more confidence
36. I have lost 15 lbs this year
37. I hate clearning up after other people
38. I hate ironing (so I don't)
39. I hate people sending me forwarded emails
40. I hate spam
41.I miss the English countryside
42. I don't miss English weather (even though we have snow for 6 months of the year here)
43. I consider myself a good mother
44. I don't like telephones (and I don't often use them)
45. I detest cell-phones
46. I went to the same school as Elton John (he left just before I arrived but I *did* meet him
47. I also went to the same school at Simon LeBon (Duran Duran)
48. I am a hopeless romantic
49. I love Turkey (the country)
50. I am terrified of heights
51. I am even more terrified of snakes (and I nearly trod on one in Sweden)
52. I still miss Princess Diana
53. Soaps are dumb
54. The "love" reality shows make me mad (if they are "reality", I am the Queen of England)
55. I can't spell very well
56. I am brilliant at Math
57. I would love to have time to be able to read more books
58. I can't stand the smell of beer
59. I always make my own bread
60. I am terrified of going to the dentist
61. I love flip-flops and have too many pairs of them
62. I love to dance
63. I buy too many clothes for my son
64.I don't buy many clothes for myself
65. I never go to the hairdressers
66. I get annoyed with people that constantly waste the time of doctors
67. I love Gene Kelly films
68. I used to wear really high platform shoes in the 70s
69. I cry when a woman gives birth on TV
70. I work too much
71. I hate gossips
72. I wish I lived in a bigger town
73. I miss travelling
74. My son is best thing that ever happened to me
75. I don't owe anybody a cent
76.I love to go snow-mobiling
78. I spend too long on the computer
79. I wear glasses or contacts
80. I rarely wear makeup
81. I think the next Survivor should be held in the Northwest Territories (try beating the bugs up here)
82.I was an avid Chelsea FC fan in my teens and early twenties (English soccer club)
83. My parents are divorced
84. I love the Dairy Queen Blizzard ads. Dude!
85.I am fiercly proud of Canada
86. I eat Alberta Beef and I am not a bit worried about it
87. I used to eat English beef too and it didn't do me any harm
88. I forget what I want to type for #88
89. I pass out when I give blood
90. Hugh Grant is gorgeous
91. I talk too much when I am very nervous
92. I never thought I would live to be 27 (and I am now 47). No idea why I thought that.
93. I always knew that I would never be able to have my own children.
94. I think I am psychic
95. Wish people wouldn't chain up dogs (why have them?)
96. I worry about the mouse in the Blockbuster ads
97. Have a scar on my chin from when I fell off a stool when I was a little kid.
98. I have too many grey hairs
99. My favourite food is cheese.
100. I don't like fruit.